Letizia Miller



Please read my Etiquette Guide below which is designed to make sure we have an unforgettable time together... without any awkward moments!

First Contact

What type of date do you prefer?

It really depends! I love to try new restaurants and bars and find that a glass of champagne or a relaxed dinner is a great way to break the ice so I generally prefer Dinner Dates. Of course once we have become acquainted shorter dates can be a very fun way to ‘catch up’.

How will you be dressed for our date?

My wardrobe is full of elegant dresses and stunning designer lingerie so choosing what to wear can be time consuming! Rest assured whatever I decide to wear for our date will be classy and appropriate for the occasion and you will be proud to have me by your side. If discretion is required I can dress as your Personal Assistant or Secretary. Feel free to suggest a particular outfit or style that you would like to see me in... I aim to please!

Can you send me a selfie or natural photo of you?

I’m afraid not sorry! I take my privacy very seriously and I’m very discreet for the sake of both myself and my gentlemen friends. I have a very pretty face and can assure you that you will not be disappointed when we meet.

Is it really you in the pictures?

Absolutely! My pictures were taken recently and the girl you see in them will be the girl you meet (ME!) I’m often told I’m even better in person so take a chance on me... you won't regret it.

How discreet can you be?

Discretion is just as important to me as I’m sure it is to you. Please let’s both respect eachother’s private lives and the boundaries of our mutually beneficial relationship.

Can you meet me at my private residence?

I only visit luxury hotels sorry.

How should I give you your donation?

Discreetly! You can read more about this on my Etiquette page.

I don’t plan on visiting London anytime soon, can we still meet?

Yes of course, I would be very happy to meet you in the city of your choice. Please provide me with sufficient notice and be prepared to cover my flight and other travel expenses in advance. Find out more on my Travel page.

I contacted you but did not receive a response, why not?

I always respond to enquiries I consider to be genuine. If your email was very vague then I may not have taken you seriously. Emails that are vulgar or explicit in nature are immediately deleted.

Can you bring a girlfriend with you on our date?

Yes I love the company of beautiful women and I have some gorgeous Friends who would be very happy to join us. Email me for details.

What is a turn-off for you?

Men that drink too much alcohol are never attractive. I also dislike bad manners, negative attitudes and plain rudeness.